B2C & Enterprise-Apps

iOS, Andoid, PWA

User Friendly

Step 1: Concept & Design

The right concept and the ability to understand all technical opportunities will not only safe you time and money, but also guarantee a more successful implementation of your app. We will consult you on the possibilities and help you craft a unique customer experience based on our expert industry experience.

When designing your app, it is essential to keep your brand identity in mind at every step on the way. The priority is to create a familiar experience that is easy to navigate and focused on your product & service. If your first impression is not successful, a user will not keep your app, and will most likely not interact with your organization another time.

Step 2: Development

Besides the user facing surface, the backend organization and performance of your app has an insane impact of how your customers view your products. Just a second too long during a loadingscreen and a negative experience will manifest.

Ionic, HTML, CSS and Typescript: You can be sure we will use modern industry standards to make your solution efficient, long-lasting and able to adapt to the ever changing application landscape.

After your customer had a great experience with your application, they want to be sure that their data and personal information is secure and safe from malicious actors. You do as well, and that’s why we’re the perfect agency for you! Security is our priority, at all times!

Step 3: Maintenance

If you want your application to be a long lasting investment, it has to adapt over time. We maintain applications long past their initial launch date, provide customer support, bug-fixing, future-feature implementations as well as systemic updates on both the frontend and backend security operations.

We also offer analysis reporting either written or in person, to really explore with you how your solution has impacted your customers. It impossible to craft a perfect app from scratch, but after just a short amount of time it is possible to see which minor changes will improve your customer relationship and overall profits.

Adrian BakerDevelopment & Design
Adrian Wabro - Backend Development
Adrian WabroBackend Development
Kevin HornConception & Design